Babyschwimmen im Hotelpool
Babyschwimmen im Hotelpool
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Baby swimming in the wellness area of our children's hotel in Germany

BabyDuring baby swimming, the baby's senses are stimulated in a variety of ways, and at the same time, motor skills and body control are trained. In the comfortable 33 degree warm water pool in the spa area of ​​our children's hotel in Germany, babies can enjoy the weightlessness in the water and move around carefree. Usually, the little ones feel instantly well in the water, because it was their usual element in the womb for 9 months already. Immediately after birth, the newborn's senses are almost completely adapted to the water. They can easily keep their eyes open under water and focus their gaze. Their hearing is also far superior to that of adults.
Baby swimming is a wonderful encounter between parents and their children, as many exercises take place at eye level and in close physical contact. Safely held by the parents, the baby experiences intense care and confidence in the warm water. The exercises are designed to promote and stabilize children's motor skills. The mutual interest however is the joy of moving in the water, arousing curiosity and trying out the next stages of development. Also toddlers benefit from the movement in the water and are so prepared playfully for swimming, so that fears of the element water later do not even arise.

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Warmwasserbecken - auch für Babyschwimmen bestens geeignet
Ihr Babyhotel im Allgäu

Pure relaxation for mothers and babies

Focused water training under expert guidance not only appeals to the baby's senses, but also has a very positive effect on the mother's postnatal regression processes. Of course, parents can go swimming with their baby independently. However, a qualified course management offers - especially at the beginning - some advantages. The water habituation is completely stress-free and fun for parents and children alike. The parents are given important holding techniques and secure grips to reduce uncertainties. In this way, parents learn how to use all the possibilities of movement together with their child.

In our wellness and children's hotel we regularly offer courses for all ages. Whether baby swimming from 6 to 36 months, or for toddlers swimming from 3 to 4 years - your little darling is individually promoted and it also has a lot of fun. Of course, big siblings, ages 5 and up, can also take a course with us as part of our animation and "work for their" seahorse swimming badge.

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Wellness für Eltern und Baby
Das Element Wasser spielerisch erkunden

Baby swimming as a positive experience for your little sweetheart

Baby swimming has a whole range of positive effects for the child: According to studies, the skeletal structure of babies, who are allowed to be in the water from birth, develops faster than other children. The postmenopausal spinal column shape is overcome on average twice as fast and the spine can be stretched independently earlier. Nursing physiological abnormalities, such as head and neck restrictions, are often more likely to occur in newborns who are allowed to move in the water at an early age. The movement in the water has a strengthening effect on the entire body muscles of the little ones.

Since the respiratory system of newborns is not yet fully developed, initially only pure chest breathing is possible for the child. From about the eighth week of life babies learn the deep abdominal breathing and thus the ventilation of the upper lung third. Baby swimming supports the conversion of pure nasal reflex breathing into motor-controlled breathing.

When watching swimming babies, it's a pleasure to see how fearless and curious they are in the water. As a result, they already collect numerous cognitive experiences at this early stage that are denied to "non-swimmers". Experience wellness and baby swimming in our Kinderhotel Allgäuer Berghof in Germany!


Unfortunately, we cannot offer baby swimming at the moment. However, we will be happy to inform you about alternative offers by phone (+49 (0) 8321/8060) or by e-mail (info@allgaeuer-berghof.de). 

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Baby Special

Baby Special
Your benefits: your kids 7 years old are free in parents room.
Validity:  24.09.-01.10.22; 05.11.-12.11.22; 06.05.-13.05.23; 10.06.-24.06.23; 23.09.-30.09.23 and 04.11.-11.11.23