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Sporting fun in your Allgäu summer vacation - A whole mountain full of adventure!


Now it's getting sporty! Our outdoor highlights at the Allgäuer Berghof for an exciting Allgäu summer holiday range from adventurous rafting on the Iller to a sweepingly 18-hole golf course in Ofterschwang. Even the smallest ones can be taken on a hike on many routes with the Berghof strollers. The Ofterschwanger Horn and the Gunzesrieder Valley are also a real paradise for mountain bikers. Or have you always been curious about diving? During the school holidays, we organize diving trial courses in the Berghof pool under the professional guidance of our cool guides.

In the Allgäu, there are loads of fun and many summer sports opportunities for the whole family on your summer vacation. And in addition to hiking, biking and other outdoor highlights in nature, our petting zoo, the pony stable and many great playgrounds at the Berghof invite you to an action-packed Allgäu summer holiday.

With this abundance of possibilities, there is a lot to experience especially for teens - boredom has no chance here, whether indoors or outdoors! So your Allgäu summer vacation is guaranteed to be an adventure.

Pure action and adventure around the Allgäuer Berghof

With us it's really sporty in the summer. At the mountain station World Cup Express, the whole family can borrow downhill scooters and whiz back into the valley. A special highlight: on our hotel complex is the first disc golf course in the Allgäu. Here you show your target safety with the Frisbee disk on a guided tour through the surrounding forests.

If this is not enough yet of sporting activities in the Allgäu during your summer vacation, you can experience all kinds of excitement and thrills at the Allgäuer Berghof during archery or a canyoning adventure.


An overview of our mountain adventure for your Allgäu summer vacation

  • Rafting tour on the Iller
  • adventurous canyoning
  • Diving trial course
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Downhill scooters
  • 18-hole golf course in Ofterschwang

Our mountain world adventures at a glance

  • Rafting tour on the Iller
  • Diving introduction course
  • Disc golf course
  • Whizzing downhill rides with the downhill rollers
  • 18-holes golf course in Ofterschwang
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Relax together in the family hotel in the Allgäu. In our family-friendly hotel-spa warm showers and paddling pools are waiting for you. There are croacking showers and comfortable lounge beds as well.
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In your family hotel in Bavaria there are plenty of possibilities to play, have fun and explore. With us the kids don't need to go anywhere to have fun and experience the perfect children's holiday in Germany.
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At our house your family holidays will be full of adventures. Whether playgarden, water playground, mountainbiking or hiking - there are countless possibilities for every age-group to experience nature around the Berghof area.
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Whether rabbit, ponies or sweet cows; during your family holiday in the Allgäu there are many quadrupeds waiting to be petted. Your kids can also ride on our ponies and Haflingers.
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Our children's hotel in Bavaria is located amid the beautiful Hörnerkette nature reserve. Use the numerous hiking trails and enjoy the splendid view of the valley, while climbing to the mountaintop with the entire family.
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The perfect family holiday in the Allgäu: experience the Allgäu from its most beautiful side. Explore castels, treasures f nature, Allgäu metroples or leisure areas. Many attractions are not far from the Allgäuer Berghof.
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Your kids can learn a lot in our family hotel in the Allgäu: for example swimming, diving, skiing or horseback riding. From qualified instructors. The courses offered in the Berghof leave nothing to be desired.
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Of course our child-friendly hotel has a children's restaurant as well. In the culinary field the kids will lack nothing. Enjoying the meals together with the other kids or from the baby buffet makes all kids happy.