Familienfreundliches Restaurant mit Babybuffet
Familienfreundliches Restaurant mit Babybuffet
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Baby buffet in our children's hotel in Germany

In our children's restaurant we offer a varied baby buffet with the best organic products, breastfeeding tea and baby formula. As a popular family-friendly hotel, we have all the accessories for the little ones in the Allgäuer Berghof, that you could wish for as a young family: In the children's restaurant, there are plenty of high chairs, baby rockers, bibs and spoons and our varied baby buffet with organic food, baby mash and milk powder.

As a family hotel, we at the Berghof are especially geared towards the needs of families with babies and children. Of course, this also includes delicious and healthy nutrition. Especially for the youngest, a balanced and pollution-free diet for mental and physical development is particularly important. For this, you will find a large selection of baby formula, baby mash and baby food in jars of the companies Töpfer and Holle at our baby buffet.

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Organic and tasty: The baby food at the baby buffet

The Allgäu company Töpfer is one of the leading German manufacturers of baby food and baby cosmetics in organic quality. For over 100 years, Töpfer has used selected and strictly controlled raw materials to produce high-quality baby food. From cow milk-free, to lactose-free to hypoallergenic - Töpfer has developed a suitable product for every need thanks to its knowledge and many years of experience.

The company Holle is a well-known manufacturer of organic baby food in Demeter quality with company locations in Switzerland and Baden-Württemberg. The production of baby food has always been done without compromising on chemical processing and preservatives. Basis for the special quality of the Holle baby food are exclusively raw materials from biological-dynamic or biological agriculture and a gentle full-fledged processing of these. The production of infant milk and grain cereals takes place in Germany.

In addition, our baby buffet also includes a baby food warmer for quick and gentle preparation of milk or baby food as well as a vaporizer for disinfecting vials, soothers and accessories as well as for the gentle steaming of baby food.



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