Your family holiday in Bavaria in the autumn

Spend your fall break in Bavaria in our wonderful family hotel

In the „golden season"the trees around our family hotel in Bavaria shine in all shades of red, brown and orange. The sunny heights offer a magnificent view over the fog in the valley below. The phenomenon is called "Obheiter" - for "oben heiter", which means "above the fog".

On the Allgäuer Berghof the whole family can fly a kite or collect chestnuts. In autumn, the biggest Allgäu celebration of the year takes place in our family hotel in Bavaria as well: the traditional "Almabtrieb"or "Viehscheid" as it's called in the Allgäu. The summer holiday for the cows around the Allgäuer Berghof has come to an end, they say goodbye to our family hotel for the winter. Festively decorated with flowers and cowbells, they are brought back to the farms in the valley for the winter. 

Autumn joy for the entire family

  • Swimming or diving lessons in the indoor pool
  • Fun in the hotel
  • Wellness and beauty
  • Viehscheid (tradition of bringing the cattle down in the valley for the winter)
  • In- and outdoor fitness
  • Trips in the Allgäu region

From the youngest ones to grandpa, they are all welcome here! We and your 60 cheerful Berghof-employees are looking forward to our visit! 

Herzliche Grüße