Esel im Streichelzoo
Esel im Streichelzoo
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Visit our petting zoo during your short break at the children's hotel

Experiencing and grasping nature up-close is just part of your holiday at the Berghof. The exposed location of our hotel in the middle of the conservation area allows us to accommodate a variety of animals in our species-appropriate manner. So you can expect all kinds of four-legged friends to cuddle and caress on our hotel area.

Animal lovers have their proper place here in our petting zoo. The undisputed darlings of the Berghof-zoo are our dear horses and ponies which are galloping gracefully with their little and big riding fans across the hotel grounds in summer and winter. Of course, the Berghof petting zoo is also home to some other furry inhabitants.

Our funny donkeys are usually found in a twinning and can be tempted, for example with a delicious carrot, to all sorts of joking. In the summer time, when also the sweet bunnies and cheeky goats with their kids live at the Berghof, the fullhouse of furry friends is perfect at the children's hotel. While the horned four-legged friends tirelessly romp on their climbing rock and beg for food, our fluffy bunnies are usually very relaxed and like to be pampered in the shady grass with some petting unit.

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