Kinderanimation für jede Altersstufe
Kinderanimation für jede Altersstufe
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Children's entertainment during your holiday in the Allgäu

You would like to have a little break just for yourself or together with your partner during your family wellness vacation? So that you can just relax, there is the Berghof children's entertainment. From 30 to 63 hours per week (depending on the age of the children), the little ones are well looked after and lovingly cared for as well as engaged in Froschis Happy-Club.

The Berghof animation is divided into four different age groups, so that no child feels over-challenged or under-challenged and can benefit from a development-oriented program:

  • Babies and toddlers until the age they can walk, up to 2 years (Zwergerl)
  • Infants from the age they can walk, 3 up to 6 years (Wichtel)
  • Children from 6 years (Kids)
  • Children from 8 years (Teens)
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Liebevolle Babybetreuung bereits ab 0 Jahren
Spiel und Spaß beim Animationsprogramm des Happy-Clubs
Kletterkurs im Rahmen der Kinderanimation

As usual in Familotels, it is our special concern to offer you a qualified child care. Our employees are pedagogically trained to be able to handle all children professionally. In our children's entertainment great emphasis is placed on diversity. So different program points are always offered for outdoors and indoors and varies depending on the weather and the needs of the children.

All caregivers also have a special first aid training program for children, so they can help your child right away, if something should happen. Of course, our play and care rooms are tested so that no sharp edges, sockets or doors can be dangerous for the children in any way.

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Thanks to the comprehensive game, sports and adventure program, there is no need to be bored at any time - no matter what the weather is like. Take a look at some exemplary activities from our animation offer:

  • Crafting, painting, building, weaving and much more in the creative workshop
  • Visit of the playgrounds and sandboxes
  • Swimming course (also for babies, toddlers or as preparation for the "seahorse" swimming badge)
  • Visit of the Disc Golf Course
  • Cocktail course
  • Kids Dancing and Royal Show
  • Diving in the Berghof pool
  • T-shirt and porcelain painting
  • Climbing at our climbing tower in the "Kraxel"
  • Pony and horseback riding
  • Nail salon, face painting
  • Baking
  • Torch hikes, Indian campfire, family hike to an original mountain pasture
  • Dinghy fun and canyoning

(Please note that the activities offered by our entertainment program vary weekly.)

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Ausritte um den Berghof
Basteln und Werkeln in der Kreativwerkstatt
Abwechslungsreiches Kinderanimations-Programm



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