Froschis Dampfloktisch
Froschis Dampfloktisch

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Our family-friendly hotel with children's restaurant for little connoisseurs

DampflokTickle the palate in our family-friendly hotel: with us, the kids even have more choice than the parents. Because before the dinner buffet opens, there is fun and action at Froschi's steam engine table.The train brings the food at record speed. The healthy vegetables are served on colourful plates. But of course we also offer nice, sweet delicacies for dessert, like Kaiserschmarrn.  As popular family-friendly hotels we have everything you need for the youngest ones available of course. There are plenty of high chairs, bibs and baby spoons, a varied baby buffet with organic baby food in jars, pap and milk powder. Very important for our family-friendly hotel: our child-friendly staff is always very courteous towards the adults as well. 

Betreutes Kinderessen mit Froschi
Showkochen für Kinder
Die Lok an Froschis Damploktisch

Culinary delight for the young ones in our family-friendy hotel at a glance

  • Daily lunch and dinner with the child care staff for kids from 4 years old
  • Daily changing healthy and delicious dish
  • Pap bowl or sippy cup upon arrival
  • Plenty of high chairs, with inserts
  • Bibs and plastic baby spoons
  • Baby buffet with  fennel tea, powder milk and baby food in jars
  • Baby-friendly staff

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