Allgäuer Berghof Familotel Allgäuer Alpen

In this family holiday in the Allgäu everybody will feel "bestially" well

Our mascot Froschi is not the ony animal on the Allgäuer Berghof. Many other quadrupeds live here. Our horses and ponies in Froschi's pony stable look forward to young and old horse lovers. In summer, there also is a petting zoo with fluffy animals to cuddle on the Allgäuer Berghof.

Mutter und Kind streicheln Braunvieh
Kinder füttern Kaninchen

The petting zoo for cuddle fans during the family holiday in the Allgäu

HasenstallFor a nice family holiday in the Allgäu with animal fun: in summer, sweet donkeys and goats to cuddle keep our ponies and horses company. Those who prefer it a little bit smaller can cuddle and pet our rabbits in the rabbitry right in front of our stables. 

Our mooing summer guests during your family holiday in the Allgäu

Allgäuer BraunviehThroughout the summer contented cows and cattle graze on the green meadows around our family hotel in the Allgäu. Every year they enjoy their "summer break" here until September. Mid September the alpine farmers bring their cattle back to the valley from the Allgäuer Berghof for the winter. This is an important Allgäu tradition: the "Viehscheid". An experience you shouldn't miss during your family holiday in the Allgäu. 

Children's world
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The child care & entertainment
With us you can spend a perfect holiday with child care. Your kids can be creative, play are just take a nap under loving supervision Experience a stress-free holiday with child care.
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The baby hotel
Excellent child care and plenty of space for the youngest ones make us a popular and known baby hotel in Bavaria. We have a baby lounge, a "Zwergerlreich" and a toddler playground. Especially for tiny tots.
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Playing and having fun
Whether in the hotel or outdoors: in your family hotel in Bavaria there are plenty of possibilities to play, have fun and explore. With us the kids don't need to go anywhere to have fun and experience the perfect children's holiday in Germany.
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Water fun for all
In einem der beliebtesten Kinderhotels in Deutschland erwartet Sie Wasserspaß für Groß und Klein. Zum Beispiel in unserem Allgäuer Berghof Hallenbad mit Wasserrutsche. In freier Natur gibt’s Froschis Wasserpark für kleine Meeresbiologen.
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Children's restaurant
Of course our child-friendly hotel has a children's restaurant as well. In the culinary field the kids will lack nothing. Enjoying the meals together with the other kids or from the baby buffet makes all kids happy.
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Sports & courses
Your kids can learn a lot in our family hotel in the Allgäu: for example swimming, diving, skiing or horseback riding. From qualified instructors. The courses offered in the Berghof leave nothing to be desired.
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Off into the snow
Go in ski holiday again in our popular children's hotel! Right outside our hotel the kids can learn how to ski, toboggan or refine their skills on a blue or red ski slope. Your perfect winter holiday with children.
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Our amenities
As family-friendly hotel of course we do everything to let you experience the perfect holiday with your family. That;s why almost everything you need is available in the Allgäuer Berghof - from stroller to baby food
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